Mountaineerin is led and driven by our passion for the outdoors. 

We are a growing outdoor company with a zest for life and an enthusiasm to bring our experience and commitment to help and support others in their outdoors adventures. 

Managed by two outdoor enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on providing a personal yet professional service to all, whether that be individuals wanting a guided day walk or businesses looking for corporate events.

Our guides are all fully qualified mountain leaders with an extensive understanding of the UK mountains. With comprehensive knowledge of the National 3 Peaks, Welsh 3000’s and Yorkshire 3 Peaks, our leaders are perfectly equipped to support and lead groups embarking on a mountain challenge.

We are constantly looking to improve our proficiency and push our own boundaries to learn new skills to ensure we always deliver the very best to all who join us. 

Our downtime is in fact time to explore new mountains, new routes and simply enjoy being outside! 

With a love for trekking for many years now, Mountaineerin is a culmination of our energy and eagerness to bring trekking to many.

From our work with the Guide and Scout community, corporate groups and lots of individuals over the years, we have enjoyed an incredible amount. We don’t ever feel a fatigue – our vigour to keep pushing on is never dampened and this is what makes us so unique. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to book an event.

Simon & Paméla